Pollock Mars Pickguard

€ 99.00

Pickguard Mars model decorated in abstract style

Pollock Mars Pickguard

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    Various combinations of colours and metallic leaves are available

Product details

  • Pickguard Mars model decorated in abstract style with acrylic colours and metallic leaf
  • Finish entirely applied by hand and refined with glossy transparent paint
  • Compatible with all equipment on the market
  • Pickguard made in plastic material
  • Made in Italy

Since these finishes are handmade, the final effect is different every time; therefore, pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note that all our goods are handmade to order, unless stock already exists.

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Delivery information

  • Italy: € 10.00
  • Europe: € 20.00
  • Rest of the world: € 26.00

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Pollock Mars Pickguard
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