Art and music

We are a young company based in Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy. With passion for art and music, we create musical instruments and accessories decorated with various techniques.

In our creations the musical instrument becomes a work of art through an artisanal, refined and carefully detailed manufacturing.

Every piece is unique. Each one is designed and created entirely in Italy, employing selected materials, and it reflects the quality which has always distinguished Italian-made products.

From classic designs, like body relics, to gold-leaf guitar bodies —which are the true emblem of this trade mark—, every project is developed with the aim of creating a quality instrument that is available to everyone and that represents the concept of “art and music.”

All of our guitar and bass bodies are entirely handmade in Italy using a selection of the best woods available.

We only use bodies built with CNC machines, which guarantee a pinpoint precision and the compatibility with all equipment on the market. The finishing involves the use of specific glues and paints depending on the desired final result.

The whole finishing process is carried out in our lab with techniques from art restoration. Indeed, the whole team has artistic training and therefore has a great sensibility for everything that is related to art and colours. The processes are long and complex, but they guarantee a unique finish.

Relic finishes are realised taking into account the grain of the wood and the reflections of the metallic leaf, thereby creating a realistic relic effect.

All of our works are inspired by art, colours and the quality of raw materials. All of this, together with our passion, creates unique and quality products.

  • red alder, swamp ash
  • matallic leaf (gold, silver, copper, bronze, white gold)
  • transparent polyurethane paint
  • nitro paint
  • Glossy: metallic leaf refined with glossy transparent paint
  • Impressionist: metallic leaf with irregular texture refined with glossy transparent paint
  • Relic: transparent nitro paint and aged effect

The team

Mattia Franchin


Founder, CEO and artist

Alessandra Sanson


Web manager

Nunzia Brillantino



Giulia Giuriato



Emanuele Faggion