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Metallic Relic Mars Pickguard

€ 109.00

Pickguard Mars model with relic metallic-leaf finish


Gold Leaf


Silver Leaf


Copper Leaf

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Available options

Metallic leaf
  • Gold Leaf

  • Silver Leaf

  • Copper Leaf

Aging degree

    From very light to super heavy wear, depending on your taste.
    You can send us pictures of the degree of aging that you would want, and we'll use them as reference.

  • Right-handed
  • Left-handed

Product details

  • 3-ply pickguard made in plastic material
  • Metallic-leaf finish entirely applied by hand and refined with glossy transparent paint
  • Relic/aged effect made by hand
  • Compatible with all equipment made in USA
  • Made in Italy

Pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary due to relic effect being different in every product.

Please note that all our goods are handmade to order, unless stock already exists.

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Delivery information

  • Italy: € 10.00
  • Europe: € 20.00
  • Rest of the world: € 26.00
  • Free international shipping for orders over € 250.00

In-stock items

€ 109.00
  • Metallic leaf: Gold Leaf
  • Configuration: H
  • Aging degree: heavy

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Metallic Relic Mars Pickguard
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